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How can you tell me that you love me
When I hardly even know your name
Caught up in the passion
Talkin' from the heat of the flame

You say our love will always be true
Here I don't even know that I like you

Movin' in the wrong direction
Tellin' people that you're movin' in
Doesn't matter much what I think
You're confident that you're gonna win

The words "I love you" mean control
Well, there's a side of me that you don't know


You think that three small words
Is enough to change the world for me
You call this "Love"
I call it "Temporary Insanity"

Did I really say "I love you"
I hate to say it, but you're not my kind
I was caught up for a moment
Talking out of my mind

You thought you had me under your thumb
My brain was languished and my body numb

You say I went and stole your heart away
Well, you can find it in the lost and found
Or maybe dig it from the garbage can
The next time you make your rounds

Words are shallow, talk is cheap
Stop making promises that you can't keep

(chorus repeat)

Song Copyrights owned by
Ani`Fa Promotions
copyright registered 1999