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Record Industry Associations

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America - USA

Association for Independent Musicians

Audio Engineering Society

Recording Industry Association of America

The Georgia Music Industry Association, Inc.

National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
(NARAS -- The Recording Academy)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


Association of Independent Record Labels (Australia)

Australian Music Industry Professional Services

Australian Copyright Council - Affiliated Organizations

Australian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA)

Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA)

Search for Australian music artist's and resources:


Canadian Recording Industry Association

Canadian Independent Record Production Association (CIRPA)

Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR)

Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association (MARIA)

Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association - SRIA

Recording Arts Industry -Yukon Association


Indian Music Industry, The (IMI)


(Italian Language; some URL'S may not translate in Bable Fish.  You should be able to copy and translate individual text if you wish to view.  Some of the links within these sites are provided in translation format, so it is worth the effort.)  Remember, when browsing foreign languages you may need to translate individual pages for each page view, or copy the text and translate the text itself. The following is a description of the contents of the site translated into English  for informational purposes:

Association of the Phonographic Italians (Italian and English) He re-unites the producers of phonograms and videomusicali, and has the guardian scope of and promoting the interests collectives of the industry of the musical field. Charter, associates, news and activity.

FIMI - Federazione dell'Industria Musicale Italiana
FIMI - Federation of the Italian Musical Industry - Organ that protection and in a generalized manner promotes the activities connected to the record industry. In situated the charter, the social organs, the official notices print and the information on the organized activities.


Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ)


Recording Industry Assiociation of Malaysia (RIM)

New Zealand

RIANZ - Recording Industry Association of New Zealand

United Kingdom

The Association of Professional Recording Services

British Phonographic Industry (BPI)


The International Association of Music Information Centres

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)

International Recording Media Association

Recording Studios

Musicians' Kingdom - Music Industry Resources

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