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Passion Born of Pain

You came down to the door
Only half way dressed
A sickening sweet aroma
The scent of cheap cologne
You really didn't need to say you had a guest
Only a fool would not have known
That you weren't alone


The little girl in me
Ran screaming into the dark
In an instant I knew
My innocence was gone

The chill in the night
Set fire to my vein
In the arms of another man
In passion born of pain


I cried that night
But I didn't shed any tears
I spent the night
In passion born of pain

I died inside
It hurt too much to cry
I kissed my tears away
In passion born of pain


In the morning I awoke
Feeling raped of my soul
An overwhelming sense, an indubitable shame
The pain I went through you'll never really know
There's no one but myself to blame
But I'll never be the same

[bridge repeat]

{Chorus repeat}

Registered in the Library of Congress

Copyright 2001
Ani`Fa Promotions