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Love Junkie

You stand on the wall
ready to fall
Standing up proud
standing up tall

All the kings' horses
all the kings' men
Can't put the pieces
together again
And again, and again


Love junkie you had better
learn to love yourself
Maybe then you can learn
to love somebody else
Love junkie turn yourself around
Lift your eyes up off the ground
Only you can pick you up
Only you can keep you down

Love junkie there's a rigid wall
around your heart
A block of stone
for every tear you've cried
No one can get inside
Love junkie there's a heart
of stone too hard to break
But a heart too hard to break
Is a heart too hard to love


You settle for less
you know you want more
You know you get restless
you know you get bored

Head over heels
In and out of love
It's not what you want
it's not quite enough
Maybe too little
maybe too much
But never enough

Chorus repeat....

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