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Insurance and Assistance Programs

Group Insurance Programs

American Federation of Musicians



AIDS foundations

Elton John AIDS Foundation
P.O. Box 17139
Beverly Hills, CA 90209-3139

Lifebeat- The Music Industry Fights Aids
Email: Contact: Thomas Dima
72 Spring ST. #1103
New York NY 10012
Phone: 212-965-8900
Fax: 212-966-3910

National AIDS Fund
1400 I Street NW
Suite 1220
Washington DC 2005-2208
phone: 202-408-4848
fax: 202-408-1818

Rehabilitation and emergency crisis

MusiCares Foundation
MusiCares at 3402 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90405.
1.800.687.4227 (West Coast)
1.877.626.2748 (Central)
1.877.303.6962 (Northeast).

Musicians' Assistance Program

Narcotics Anonymous World Services
World Service Office in Los Angeles
PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, California 91409
Phone: 818-773-9999
Fax: 818-700-0700



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