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Have you ever:

wondered why something comes your
way from out of the blue???

had one of those things happen
that completely catches you off guard
and really throws you for a loop?

experienced the bizzarre, the supernatural,
the unexplainable and the unexpected?

encountered an inexorable circumstance that sets
you back in your tracks and forces you to
remember who you are and where
you came from?  

Today I found myself in an unusually awkward situation; I mistakenly opened an e-mail that was missent to my account by accident.  The address was similar to mine, but it was not my address.  Not realizing that the note was not intended for me, I saw a list titled "My 10 favorite links" presented in the form of hyperlinks.  As I clicked on the first link, thinking that someone might be submitting a few sites for my review to add to the  collection of resources found inside this site, ironically a familiar face appeared; it was the Pastor of a church that I attend occasionally embedded among the faces of many other famous Pastors.  Oddly enough, I have never given my internet information to the church.  I questioned myself as to how the church could have acquired my personal internet account name and address.  The thought of the "bought and sold" database information entered into my mind, among other practical answers.  I felt irritated, and almost a bit invaded, to think that the church would hunt me down on the internet because I had gone astray too long and had stopped paying my, at one time, faithful tithes.  This is when I realized that the address did not even belong to me; I felt foolish for having anger with the church, it was my reason for leaving to begin with.