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The rhythm of the ocean
Keeping time to our love
It's in the way you're touching me
I can never get enough

Your lips upon my shoulders
Babe, you're setting me on fire
Your tenderness, your sweet caress
My body's raging with desire


Ooooo, I could spend my life with you
The way you make me feel alive
Balanced and complete
It's everything you do
Ooooo, Baby I could die like this
The way you hold me in your arms
Hold me in your eyes
The way you melt me with a kiss

Wanton on my body
The tide is salty on my tongue
I'll spend my lifetime loving you
But tonight has just begun

You pull me even closer
In an instant take me down
Remarkable, sensational
As you pull me to the ground

(chorus repeat)

Song copyrights owned by
Ani`Fa Promotions
Copyright Registered 1999
The Library of Congress