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When you find you're on a dead end highway
And you're not exactly where you want to be
Do you stop at the end and wait for progress
When you know this is not your destiny
When your fuel gage is setting on empty
And you're running your engine to the ground
Do you wait for someone to build that highway
Or do you back up and go around
Life is a road
A road with many detours
Stairways are scattered throughout time
Sometimes you have to back away to move ahead
unh hunh, How far you get is how far you climb

When you find you're on an elevator
That's designed to stop on every other floor
Do you ride on in hopes to find the middle
Do you know that you'll find an open door
When your ups and your downs run in circles
And you're not sure if anybody cares
Do you try to redesign the elevator
Or do you get out and climb the stairs

(chorus repeat)

registered in
The Library of Congress
copyright 1997
Ani`Fa Promotions